South Pacific

‘South Pacific’ pays homage to our connection to nature and draws inspiration from a place that we call ‘home’, New Zealand. Everyday spent by the coasts, silhouettes are relaxed, over-sized and crafted from breathable, natural textiles. From muted tones to earthy pops of colour drawn from New Zealand mountains, sand and the warmth of the sun - each design promises wearability all year round, no matter the occasion.

From the deep south of our tiny island to wherever you are, welcome to our debut collection.

Our Ethos

  • Our goal is to support a circular ecosystem; designing out waste, keeping materials and products in use, and regenerating natural systems.

  • Crafted from sustainable and high-quality fabrics, our garments are designed to be minimalistic and effortless to stand the test of time in consumers’ wardrobes. 

  • We are committed to supporting NZ’s garment production industry by producing locally-made garments.

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