Limited Edition | Mysto x Towa

Meet our friend, Chris Miyashiro, an artist, storyteller & filmmaker.

Digitally printed with biodegradable ink, this collection features Chris' beautiful work that embodies the value of slow art. Each piece is individually handmade and printed with his hand-drawn art.

In an age of mass production and instant gratification, we instead wanted to revive craftsmanship and the values of handmade. This collaboration embraces the slow process that takes a lot of precision and patience. Explore our collection to rediscover the value of high-quality, unique garments crafted with love and care.

Wana'alo short, Providence Aloha shirt, Ceremony short, Kilo jumpsuit

Featuring Chris' hand drawn art; representing stories of place & exploration.

This design is a collage of seaward journal entries. A migration of feelings, inspired by the cool persistent winds that come from the north east. Adventurous winds of courage that have carried me across the Pacific, and sweet winds of solace that have been a comfort in the hard times. I hope as this garment adorns your body, there are fragments that catch your imagination and take flight.

Chris Miyashiro

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