At the heart of Towa is a deep appreciation for the process of creating and craftsmanship.

Inspired by the work and craft of other artists and makers, we hope to support and nurture a community of unique, like-minded creatives who share a dream of doing what they love.

Chris Miyashiro

Hand carved block prints by our friend Chris, from Hawai'i. Each print with a unique story of its own.



Triangular pockets and handkerchiefs symbolize the meeting of spiritual elements drawn from Hawai'i & Japan, much like the origin of the aloha shirt.


Good Luck Buck

Bucket hat collections made with upcycled deadstock fabrics. Collab with our friend, Reanna.

Back shot of girl wearing unisex denim bucket hat, at the beach.

Ryo Sekikawa

Unisex Bucket Hats crafted in Japanese selvedge denim