South Pacific

Our debut collection ‘South Pacific’ pays homage to our connection to nature and draws inspiration from a place that we call ‘home’, New Zealand. Everyday spent by the coasts, silhouettes are relaxed, over-sized and crafted from breathable, natural textiles. From muted tones to earthy pops of colour drawn from New Zealand mountains, sand and the warmth of the sun - each design promises wearability all year round, no matter the occasion.

From the deep south of our tiny island to wherever you are, welcome to our debut collection, ‘South Pacific’.

Our beautiful campaign imagery was shot on 35mm film by our good friend and Hawai’i based photographer, Brenden Donahue. We decided to shoot in Hawai’i in the early design stages of the collection, similarly to New Zealand it is a place with a grounding sense of ‘home’. It worked beautifully as a backdrop to our designs - inspired by the simplicity of life and how minimal details can offer more room for experience. The idea behind these ‘less is more’ pieces is that it removes the noise and allows you to appreciate the simple things. With natural and breathable fabrics being the ingredients of Towa pieces, it allows you to feel uninhibited and free. It was such a privilege to be able to trust Brenden to capture this collection through his creative lens in a natural and authentic way. 

x Mima

Photographer: Brenden Donahue

Model: Danielle McCleave

Location: O'ahu, Hawai'i