Our Story

Towa (meaning eternity in Japanese) is built on the concept of slow fashion where each garment is designed to wear, share, repair and repeat.

At Towa, we have a simple philosophy: to design and make beautiful, timeless fashion while caring for our environment. Our goal is to support a circular ecosystem; designing out waste, keeping materials and products in use, and regenerating natural systems. We believe circular design is the future of clothes if we aim to sustain our planet and people for future generations. Crafted from sustainable and high-quality fabrics, our collections are inspired by the timeless concept of “less is more” - with minimalistic and effortless designs that will stand the test of time in consumers’ wardrobes. 

We are also committed to supporting NZ’s garment production industry by producing locally-made garments. 
All Towa garments are designed and made in New Zealand. 

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Growing up in the countryside of Aotearoa, New Zealand, I was ingrained with a deep respect for my natural surroundings from a young age. This all changed when I first set foot in a local textile warehouse, seeing firsthand what looked like a mounting pile of fabric waste.  On closer inspection, I realised that all of these were beautiful, high-quality fabrics just sitting there collecting dust. They were all deadstock - dumped from other larger producers in the fashion industry and destined for landfill.

It was then I started to immerse myself in research, only to be even more appalled by the unethical practices common in the fashion industry. Learning about these impacts, I felt inspired to take sustainability into my own hands; to create timeless pieces by implementing responsible practices to mitigate the fashion industry’s devastating impact on the people and the planet. 

We’re not perfect, but we will continuously work towards making improvements. Living with the future in mind, we believe a difference can be made within the fashion industry and we’re committed to a change for the better. 

Thanks for taking part in this journey with us at Towa.

x Mima