• Meet our friend, Chris Miyashiro, an artist, storyteller & filmmaker. Crafted from deadstock fabrics, these unisex pants feature Chris’ beautiful work that embodies the value of slow art. Each piece is individually handmade and block printed with Chris’ hand-carved art; resulting in a unique design that can’t be replicated. In an age of mass production and instant gratification, we instead wanted to revive craftsmanship and the values of handmade. This collaboration embraces the slow process that takes a lot of precision and patience. Explore our collection to rediscover the value of high-quality, unique garments crafted with love and care.

Collection 1.0

A collection designed for everyone - unisex & one size fits all.

Each pair is uniquely its own.
Featuring Chris' hand carved & block prints; representing stories of place & exploration.

Collection 2.0

Second batch of Chris' artwork screen printed on patches & pockets.

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